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The United Nations: A talking shop for deaf ears

Israel’s war on Gaza has exposed the hypocrisy of the western ‘rules-based order’, and demonstrated the impotence of the United Nations and the international laws it adjudicates. In reality, the UN is nothing more than a tool of imperialism.

Zelensky avdiivka Image President Of Ukraine

The fall of Avdiivka: The beginning of the end

Western imperialism is facing the prospect of a humiliating defeat in Ukraine. Support for Zelensky and his government is falling, both at home and abroad. Washington and NATO have scandalously pushed Ukrainians into fighting an unwinnable war.

Britain’s by-elections: A plague on both their houses

Yesterday’s by-election results are a blow to Sunak and the Tories. But it is clear that there is no real enthusiasm for Starmer’s Labour either. None of these gangsters represents us. We say: Kick them all out! Get organised! Join the communists!


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V.I. Lenin


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