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Today, November 7th, we celebrate the 89th anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution by republishing an article written by Ted Grant, originally published in 1967 on the revolution's 50th anniversary. Even at a time when the bureaucracy seemed almighty and irremovable this article confidently predicts the downfall of the Stalinist regime. Then, the political revolution, i.e. the workers coming to power, seemed a concrete possibility, especially in the light of the 1956 Hungarian events. Unfortunately, because there was no party capable of leading the workers, the collapse of the Stalinist regime led to the capitalist counter-revolution. However, this article clearly demonstrates that the genuine Marxists, the Trotskyists, never had any illusions in Stalinism and always struggled for its overthrow and for the workers to take back the power they had briefly held after the 1917 revolution.