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RCP Scottish Conference

We are entering a new phase of the class struggle in Scotland. Millions have been mobilised to rage against the criminal policies of our ruling class and its blanket support for Israel’s war of extermination in Gaza.

There is enormous anger against the wasted decade of austerity and social decline, which has left our schools and hospitals at breaking point, and robbed us blind at every turn.

The Tories will receive their long-deserved punishment at the ballot box on the 4th of July, when they will be completely smashed.

The SNP, too, for their litany of disappointments and betrayals, will be thrown back. Though Starmer’s Labour stands to gain at both their expense, it will not represent any vote of confidence in this total fraud and sickening lackey of the banks and big business.

The mood among the working class is one of apathy and disgust towards all the ruling-class politicians and parties. While they ramp up their attacks on one another for the TV cameras, they all have their fingers crossed behind their backs.

After the votes are cast, they all follow the same script: the people must tighten their belts, work themselves to the bone for what little they have, while the rich get to live in never-before-seen luxury. Billions are spent on wars and weapons, while barely a few crumbs are thrown down for nurses, teachers, firefighters and other workers.

This is the cruel logic of capitalism. It cannot function any other way. We cannot put our trust in any of the politicians or parties who are tied to this system: not the Tories or Labour, nor the SNP or Greens.

The outcome of this election is a done deal. Keir Starmer will be the next stooge to occupy Downing Street. All that matters now is who will stand with their heads above the rest to oppose the new government. Should we leave it up to millionaire hatemongers like Nigel Farage? Or to two-faced hypocrites like John Swinney? Or should we build a real opposition?

There will be no honeymoon period for Starmer, as his servility to the ruling class guarantees to provoke a rise in the working-class struggle. We have to strengthen the struggle against austerity capitalism, against imperialist war and oppression. We have to fight not just for bigger crumbs from the rich man’s table, but to put the working class in control.

This is what the Revolutionary Communist Party stands for. We stand for the total rejection of capitalism and its regime of criminals and parasites. We are communists; partisans of working-class power and heralds of socialist revolution.

We are launching a campaign in Scotland to raise the banner of Communism and establish new branches of the Party.

If you are a communist, then we are calling on you to immediately begin building a cell wherever you are – any town, workplace, school or college – and apply for membership of the RCP.

Comrades in our existing branches and cells in Edinburgh, Glasgow and West Lothian will be visiting new towns and cities to help with the founding of these cells.

We are gathering the new forces of Bolshevism, of Leninism, in Scotland. A special conference will be called for the 27th of July, hosting delegations from across the country to discuss the tasks and methods of communists in the class struggles that will unfold.

Join the RCP to plant the hammer and sickle banner far and wide, forge the forces of revolution, and turn Scotland red.